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Chinese Massage

We offer a variety of treatments that are catered to exactly what you are looking for. Another opportunity to take a moment for yourself and to allow your body and mind to fully and deeply relax. Our wonderful masseur, Heng, was educated in traditional Chinese massage therapy 7 years ago. She has had a lot of valuable experience working with a variety of clients from basic massage, stress relief, and pregnancy.


Payment after treatment by mobile 46693 pay or cash.

Cancellation must be made no later than 24 hours before the start of the treatment, otherwise it will be considered an absense and 50% of the treatment price must be paid.


Physiological massage

Physiotherapy massage is the most common form of massage, physiological massage is a solid and profound massage that loosens tense and sore muscle groups.

The physiological massage is characterized by stimulating the circuit, removing waste materials and balancing the muscle groups, ranging from light and soft massage to a powerful and deep massage.

Physiological massage works deeply in tissues and muscles, and is based on the body's anatomical structure.

A physiological massage is suitable for preventing and treating adverse effects from things like sedentary work and stress, and is an extremely effective way of treating various muscular disorders of the musculoskeletal system, such as muscular and connective tissue overload (tendons, muscular obstruction and ligaments)

Pregnancy massage

Pregnancy massage is a physiological massage that is used to treat and relieve tension, pain and tenderness in the muscles.

Pregnancy massage relieves pain in the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and lower back, and is effective against muscle tension, fluid accumulation and other genes associated with pregnancy.

In pregnancy, many people experience a completely natural sore back and shoulders, leg cramps, sleep problems and fluid buildings, where pregnancy massage can loosen up and the body will be able to get rid of waste materials.

Pregnancy massage is a soothing and comfortable treatment focusing on the body's well-being, and is a good and comfortable way to get your body relaxed while you are going through a wonderful time in your life and await you.

Pregnancy massage is for those who want pain relief or just want to pamper yourself.

Face Massage

The treatment starts with deep-cleaning of the face using cleasing lotion and miniralizing water. Followed by facemask and face lifting massage combined with shoulder and neck massage. Massage is done with serum, creams and massage oil rich on E vitamins.

Foot Massage

Foot massage treatment includes footbath in warm water (about 40℃) for 10 mins, massage on feet for 35 mins, and massage on shins for 10 mins. foot massage treatment is one of the best form against tiredness.


60 minutes: 680 DKK.
75 minutes: 850 DKK.
90 minutes: 1020 DKK.

Gift certificate can be purchased after appointment, on phone or on email.


Students, retirees and parent to meternity leave get 10% discounts of single booking and have normal discounts for clip cards.

(Discount cannot be combined)


10% discount on 10 times clipcard
10x 60min 6120 DKK.
10x 75min 7650 DKK.
10x 90min 9180 DKK.

All clipcards expires after 3 years from the day of purchase.

Good to know

Before treatment

Arrive the shop 5-10 minutes earlier, so it is not in a rush to start treatment. Customers take responsibilities in terms of any delay, the whole process will be finished in the last minutes of booking time.

During treatment

It works well when customers get massage and focus on breath.

Warn masseur if there is any uncomfortable situations, like temperature in the room, pressure of the treatment, sound of music...

After treatment

Every booking time includes changing clothes, communication, treatment, making journals and payment. For example, there is about 53 minutes for massage, when a customer book 60 minutes.

There is drink and snacks afterwards.

Payment before or after the treatment is done by mobilepay or cash. The receipt is sent by email

Quality materials

All the bed liners and towels are made of 100% fine cotton or 100% organic cotton. They are washed by Neutral detergent

Organic massage oil:

Is combined with organic basic oil and organic etheric oil.

Basic massage oil: is cold-pressed and organic sunflower oil that is rich in vitamin E. It can be absorbed rapidly by the skin after massage.

Organic Orange massage oil:

is produced by cold pressing of shell from organic Citrus sinensis. The oil has a natural content of: Limonene, Linalool and Citral.

Organic Avocado massage oil:

is especially suitable for dry skin. It is slowly absorbed by the skin since it is fatty oil. It is been made by old-pressed, filtered oil of the organic fruit meat of organic avocado with a natural content of Lecithin, Vitamin D and Squalane.

Organic Rosewood massage oil:

contents 98% organic ingredients. It is a relaxing massage oil with good sliding effect.

Organic Lavender massage oil:

contents 99% organic ingredients. It is one of the most popular massage oil. And it can be used together with all other massage oil to strengthen effects.


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